Xavax Wahing Machines Care-Set


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  • For optimum care and a long life of the washing machine
  • Cleaner for washing machines
  • Removes grease and limescale residue inside the machine
  • Cleans important parts such as heating rods, hoses, filters and spray nozzles and protects them from blockages
  • This will optimise the heat output and will save energy
  • Unpleasant odours and washing agent residues are removed
  • These residues can detrimentally affect the result of the washing cycle and could lead to expensive repairs

    Descaler for washing machines

  • Dissolves already encrusted calcareous deposits on heating rods, hoses and valves
  • Optimizes the heat output and saves energy since the machine heats up faster
  • Calcareous deposits do not come any longer into the laundry, the wash result is improved
  • Protects plastic and rubber parts

    Note for Consumers:

  • How to use the cleaner: Only use the cleaner in an empty washing machine. Set the selector switch to main wash, select 95°C and pour the contents of the bottle into the main compartment for the washing powder. Start the programme and wait until the end

  • Inhoud: 250 ml

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